While no one exercise program fits everyone’s needs, indoor group cycling is one of the most inclusive program formats in the fitness industry. If you have not had the opportunity to include an indoor group cycling program into your macro-exercise program, perhaps the following 15 reasons may convince you to take the necessary steps to begin this process.  As always, prior to beginning any exercise program, please consult your physician.

Reason #1            It is non-impact.  Therefore, if you have any physical limitations which prohibit you from participating in impact-oriented activities, indoor group cycling may be the ticket.

Reason #2            There is no complicated choreography to follow—we are riding a bike and that is all anyone participating in indoor group cycling should be doing.  Therefore, you are able to focus upon your skill level improvement on the bike exclusively.

Reason #3            You are indoors where there is no traffic, no weather, or elements to contend with, so you are able to concentrate on your pedaling mechanics and improving your power and aerobic capacity.

Reason #4            If you have been reluctant to include group exercise into your program, indoor group cycling is a good place to begin as everyone is on their own bike, working at an intensity level that suits their specific physical fitness level.  *There is no judgment here!

Reason #5            Indoor group cycling is a great place to begin performing high intensity interval training (HIIT).  We focus a great deal on power and this translates well into any of your other exercise program formats complimenting the macro-program.

Reason #6            If you are a runner or impact-oriented athlete, indoor group cycling provides you with the ideal cross-training modality.  Because, as mentioned previously, it is non-impact, it allows you to give your body a break from the impact and still receive the tremendous benefits this program has to offer.

Reason #7            If the program is well-coordinated and designed, you will have access to exceptional variety to expose the body to all types of “terrain”, cadences, power and threshold training which keeps you engaged and motivated to be consistent.

Reason #8            While not all drills and skills that we perform indoors translate perfectly to an outdoor ride, the vast majority of the training we perform simulates those experiences outdoors providing you with the opportunity to improve your skill level on your outdoor bike.

Reason #9            Even if you do not ride an outdoor bike, this program may have you giving some deep thought to giving outdoor riding a whirl.

Reason #10         Just about any one, any age, and gender and fitness level may be a candidate to try indoor group cycling.  Just check with the program director to guide you toward the best cycling format addressing your current skill level.

Reason #11         Development of comradery.  In most group exercise class formats, the participants begin to bond and share in the hard work that they perform together and indoor group cycling is no exception.  Our riders are supportive of one another and create a level of encouragement that spills over into their friendships which began during this program.

Reason #12         This may lead to beginning a cycling club or group outside which is an ideal way to expand your fitness horizons.

Reason #13         Indoor group cycles, as a general rule, are not designed like traditional upright and recumbent stationary bikes.  These cycles are designed to feel similar to a road or mountain bike, consequently, when you train indoors, and then move to your outdoor riding program, the feel will be more representative of the outdoor ride.

Reason #14         Indoor group cycling is a great way to prepare for spring/summer/fall riding seasons.  Our riders regularly participate in cycling events throughout the riding season and are able to do so because they prepare throughout the year on an indoor group cycle.

Reason #15         And, indoor group cycling, of the correct intensity, is a very efficient caloric expenditure activity!  So, if weight loss or maintenance is a goal, this may be the ideal addition to your macro-program.

Now is the time to get into the saddle and experience what thousands of others have, that including an indoor group cycling program may be one of the best decisions you have ever made regarding your fitness level!

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