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Archive for May 2014

Spice up your pushups

Pushups have been featured in this column previously, however, this week a little “spice” will be added to one of the best upper body and inner core unit exercises on the planet. The “spice” will be various planks and bridges integrated into pushup sequences. Add some tempo changes, stir in the right amount of positional…

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Overhead presses—strong shoulders—strong core

The overhead press is an excellent exercise that targets the deltoid muscles (i.e. shoulder); however, the technique utilized and the body position chosen, matter greatly in terms of safety and effectiveness. Additionally, those with certain shoulder limitations (i.e. rotator cuff tendon issues) may not be able to perform the overhead press or may require significant…

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Back to basics

With all of the access we have to information today, it is easy to be drawn into a sense of urgency that if we do not read every blog, watch every YouTube video, read every email, text and article, that we must be missing the key ingredients in a perfect exercise program that will most…

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