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Archive for June 2014

A parking lot for a great workout

It may seem like a strange location for a workout; however, an empty, safe parking lot is an ideal spot for this four-station challenging circuit. Perhaps during your lunch break, or just for a change of pace, find a suitable parking lot or open field that is level, and go for it. What makes this…

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Organize your fitness lifestyle

Organization of your fitness lifestyle leads to improved outcomes, particularly over the long-term. This week, we will discuss ten organizational tips focused upon the fundamental components of an exercise program. These tips are quick, easy to remember and immediately applicable. As always, prior to beginning any exercise program, please consult your physician. 1. Outline exactly…

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Jumping into Fitness 2

Second in a two part series Last week the fundamentals of jumping rope with two different types of ropes was featured, so take a moment to review that information prior to beginning the actual jumping rope skills/drills highlighted this week.  We will discuss three basic skills/drills with each type of jump rope.  Following the suggested…

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Jumping into Fitness 1

First in a two-part series Jumping rope has been around for decades and known for the challenging cardiovascular endurance aspects, high intensity interval training elements (i.e. HIIT), solid caloric expenditure and fun. There are low impact modifications which work well for those with impact restrictions and there are great variations of jump ropes from traditional…

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