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Archive for July 2014

Movement tempo during strength training

Observing is a fundamental component for every trainer working in the personal training profession. During every aspect of our training relationship with each client (i.e. assessing, researching, designing, teaching, coaching and training), we are closely observing each of the movement patterns the client performs continually identifying possible imbalances that may lead us to designing corrective…

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Full body circuit

This week, full body circuit refers to each station featuring a full body exercise emphasizing muscular strength and endurance, as well as the cardiovascular endurance component. The program is very challenging, so if you are new to exercise, you should perform each station without the external resistance, master it and then begin to incorporate the…

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Selectorized, plate loaded and free weight equipment

While there are certainly variations on the theme of the three types of resistance equipment that we are discussing this week, selectorized, plate loaded and free weight equipment are the resistance equipment foundation of a fitness floor. And, each has a specific method of use, provides a wide variety of exercise options and does require…

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Get rolling on indoor group cycling

If you have not had the opportunity to participate in an indoor group cycling program, now is the time to get the wheel rolling. If you are an outdoor cyclist, you will improve your outdoor riding performance by consistently attending indoor group cycling classes, particularly during inclement weather conditions, and if you are an indoor…

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