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Archive for August 2014

Ten essentials of an indoor group cycling class

While there are dozens of important elements included in all great indoor group cycling classes and programs, there are 10 essential ingredients that set great indoor group cycling classes apart from others. Utilize this information to guide you when seeking out quality classes/programs to ensure that the program is safe, effective and fun. As always,…

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Pull up progression

The pull up exercise is one of the most effective exercises to strengthen the latissimus dorsi, deltoids, biceps as well as the core. However, it is a very challenging exercise as it requires a significant level of muscular strength to pull the body weight up from a vertical position. Consequently, this week the pull up…

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Total body step program, part 2

Last week the program guidelines were provided for the total body step program detailed this week. Please take a moment to review last week’s program guidelines before beginning this program and as always prior to beginning any exercise program please consult your physician. Total Body Step Program Step Interval #1: Basic right 3x, left knee…

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Total body step program, part 1

First in a two-part series All you need is a step platform with four risers to enjoy the program featured this and next week. Step platforms are one of the most versatile pieces of small fitness equipment available. At approximately $100, this fitness tool has dozens of possible uses and if well designed and manufactured…

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