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Archive for September 2014

Partner up for fitness

Working out with a partner is one of the most effective exercise adherence strategies. It is fun, motivating and the accountability factor is key. This week three excellent core exercises performed with a partner will be highlighted. Whether you are working out with your significant other or friend and workout partner, all three of these…

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Heart rate monitors — a great tracking tool

Often, in this column, we discuss monitoring and tracking exercise intensity. Heart rate monitors are one of the simplest tools used to track and measure intensity. A good quality heart rate monitor provides immediate feedback regarding the heart rate, kilocalorie expenditure, average/maximum heart rate during the exercise bout and, depending upon the model and make…

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Creating an excellent exercise program

Daily a number of our clients ask how to design an exercise program schedule that will work for them taking into consideration all of their scheduling needs while experiencing the health and fitness results they are seeking. It does take some deep thought and time to design an effective schedule and, as life changes, which…

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Setting specific cycling goals

While setting long-term and short-term fitness goals is critical to ensure great outcomes and results, setting specific goals for each mode of exercise is also important. This week eight cycling goals will be featured which are very specific to cycling; however, the concept of setting specific weekly goals for all exercise modes is an excellent…

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