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Archive for November 2014

Ten outstanding holiday fitness strategies

Do not fall prey to sacrificing your workouts during the holiday season. Your workouts are important throughout the year; however, during the holidays with added stress, parties which include lots of tempting goodies and libations, working out regularly is crucial. Follow these 10 outstanding holiday fitness strategies to keep your mind and body fit throughout…

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Ten holiday fitness gifts

One of the best gifts anyone can receive during the holidays is the gift of fitness. Whether this comes in the form of a club membership, fitness tools to use at home to supplement your exercise program, massage therapy session or a series of personal training sessions to kick start your program, consider these as…

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Ten holiday nutrition tips

Every year as we move into the holidays the parties begin, the libation flows and the goodies seem to appear at every turn. It is so important to enjoy our traditions and rituals during the holiday season. Often these traditions and rituals include special foods and drinks and if everyone would simply enjoy the meal…

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Stay fit 365 days a year

Staying fit throughout the year requires a regularly performed regimented exercise program which addresses your specific health and fitness needs. This time of year many clients are getting excited and prepared for ski and snowboard season and assume that if they are skiing and snowboarding regularly that during their winter sport’s season, they do not…

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