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Archive for December 2014

Super sets, compound sets and giant sets

If you have been performing muscular strength training on a regular basis, you may have heard terminology such as super sets, compound sets and giant sets. However, it may be unclear to you what each of these training modalities is actually defined as and what benefits you might experience if you incorporate these modalities into…

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Five exercise essentials, part 2

Last week, the first in this two-part series was presented and this week the three remaining exercise essentials will be detailed. Take a moment and check out last week’s column so that you have access to all five of these exercise essentials for your workout toolbox. As always, prior to beginning any exercise program, please…

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Five exercise essentials, part 1

There are hundreds of exercises to choose from, which when performed properly, yield tremendous results. However, there are five exercise essentials that need to be an integral part of most exercise programs and the majority of exercises possible are simply variations, progressions or regressions of these five essentials. There are dozens of ways to modify…

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Extolling the benefits of fitness

As we approach 2015, it is a good time to remind ourselves about the long-term benefits of maintaining our fitness levels throughout life. Most individuals know that exercising and being fit positively impact general health and quality of life. However, this knowledge does not necessarily translate into those individuals taking action to integrate fitness into…

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Long, steady distance training has limitations

Long steady distance (i.e. LSD) performed on stationary cardio equipment may be an effective means of improving foundational cardiovascular endurance; however, once, perhaps twice a week is usually enough to provide the body with the outcomes that are required to maintain this baseline of cardiovascular endurance fitness. There are exceptions to this scenario; however, observing…

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