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Archive for January 2015

Maximize your workouts

A common question asked by many clients is how they can maximize their workouts creating efficient, effective and results-oriented training sessions. While there are many terrific strategies which have been covered extensively in this column throughout the years, one of my favorite suggestions is to concentrate on precise technique and form when performing every repetition…

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Do not ‘wing’ your workout

Everyone needs a workout plan. It does not matter what your level of fitness may be, there must be a bona fide workout plan in order to make steady progress and to attain your fitness goals. Winging it, which we observe on fitness floors across the nation, is a sure fire way to sabotage your…

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Tips for avoiding exercise burnout

It may seem like an odd time of year to discuss exercise burnout, but in fact I think it is the ideal time to broach this subject. Those entering the fitness realm for the first time are particularly prone to this syndrome. And, those who have perhaps overindulged during the holidays may have created unrealistic…

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