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Archive for March 2015

Give Me Strength

Many times through the years, muscular strength training has been discussed in this column. One of the major reasons that this topic continues to surface is that it is one of the five components of physical fitness. Consequently, it is critical to ensure the body’s health and fitness progression. While the heart, lungs and circulatory…

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What quality group exercise should provide

Well-designed, structured and managed group exercise programs provide tremendous health and fitness benefits to those that regularly participate. Millions of people participate in group exercise every day and group exercise programs are a mainstay of many health and fitness clubs as a result. Therefore, while not exhaustive, keep in mind the following list of components…

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Sandbags — a great fitness tool

Sandbags, as a fitness training tool, have been around for decades. However, in the last several years, there has been a resurgence and reinvention, if you will, of this simple, yet effective fitness tool. Our clients frequently utilize sandbags for a variety of exercises and I suggest you do the same. First, let’s discuss what…

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