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Archive for May 2015

The benefits of ‘authentic lifting’

“Authentic” lifting which is safe and effective lifting, provides long-term, life-long results including excellent results from your exercise program, terrific outcomes when competing in or enjoying recreational/sports activities and most importantly, moving through your activities of daily living (i.e. ADL) with ease. Therefore, this week ten questions will be featured which you may ask yourself…

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Five fitness progression strategies

One of the most common questions that my clientele ask is when they should progress to the next level of intensity. Usually, what the client is referring to is when to progress to the next weight increment during traditional muscular strength training. However, it may refer to any of the five components of physical fitness…

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Testing the water for fitness

Every summer when I was a child we would pack up the family car and head to my grandmother’s home on the Jersey shore for our summer vacation. After an 800-mile journey, we would arrive at our destination but before driving to my grandmother’s home, we would stop by the ocean just to stick our…

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