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Archive for July 2015

Bring a friend to a workout

Each month we offer a “Bring a Friend to Workout” day for our members. It is an opportunity for them to bring along a friend who may have expressed an interest in working out but had not taken the steps to make it a reality. It provides time for both the member and the friend…

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10 reasons you haven’t thought of to work out regularly

OK, maybe you have thought of one or two of the following 10 reasons to work out regularly, but these are a little more obscure than the excellent primary reasons for exercising regularly. And, thinking out of the traditional “exercise box” is a great way to keep you on track, and if you have fallen…

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Tips to avoid breaking form

What does the term “breaking form” mean? It generally means that an individual is utilizing some form of compensation to perform an exercise. This gives the illusion of performing the exercise authentically when in truth they are using a part of the body that should not be involved in order to provide momentum (i.e. hips,…

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Exercise is good for every body

One of my long-time wonderful clients mentioned to me the other day that they were slowing down and not feeling as capable and productive as they used to during their workouts. In their case, this has been due in part to the aging process (i.e. now in their 70s) combined with several physical limitations that…

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Mastering movement patterns

Movement is the foundation of fitness. Our bodies have over 600 muscles and are well designed to move the body through space and time. Consequently, mastering movement patterns positively contributes to the process of becoming fit, and to continually improving your fitness level throughout life. Some movement patterns are more challenging for us to learn…

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