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Archive for August 2015

Five steps to a stronger core

By now you probably understand that the core is everything from the nose to the toes and does not just include the superficial corset core muscles that surround your middle torso. If we consider that the body works locally and globally, this places us on the right track to achieving a strong core. While some…

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A great fall outdoor boot camp

As summer draws to a close it is time to consider a fall workout plan which may include a fall outdoor boot camp. Since the weather is still beautiful during the fall months, outdoor programs are very enjoyable, so take advantage of an outdoor boot camp on a cool fall morning before you take off…

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Be patient and fully heal following injuries

Unfortunately, injuries happen to just about every one eventually. Whether your injury is a result of a trip and fall, sports, overuse, or other accident, you are likely to have to cope with it and learn to be patient as the healing process completes. Fortunately, not all injuries result in surgery. However, in the cases…

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What small change can you make today?

While it may not seem like a small change such as committing to attend a group exercise class three times a week for two weeks will alter your fitness journey, think again. The small changes are an integral part, perhaps stage one, of what creates global changes in your fitness life. For years on our…

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