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Archive for September 2015

Avoiding dehydration during cold weather

We are very focused upon avoiding dehydration during the hot weather months; however, less attention is paid to the possibility of dehydrating during our cold weather activities. As we approach the colder weather, particularly at high altitude, it is prudent to avoid dehydration by following a few guidelines featured this week. As always, prior to…

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Begin eating well today

While tomorrow sounds “like a plan,” today is the best day to begin eating well. If you have in the past, you know what that means, and if you have not embraced eating well yet, now is the time. Eating well is not about deprivation. It is about feeding the body properly, with healthy amounts…

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Off the beaten path

While I am a huge proponent of the fundamentals of exercise being an integral part of all exercise programs, it is also important to challenge the body and mind by occasionally adding exercises that are a little “off the beaten path.” Assuming that these exercises have been designed by certified, qualified trainers, with the goals,…

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Everyone needs a personal fitness assessment

Every person who exercises, plays sports at any level or is going to begin doing either, should take the time to have a professional fitness assessment performed regularly by a qualified, certified and experienced trainer. Comprehensive general fitness assessments should include a functional movement screen (i.e. FMS) which enables the client to demonstrate their physical…

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