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Archive for October 2015

A true fitness inspiration

Every single day my clients inspire me. They come from every walk of life and through every obstacle imaginable and still walk through the door and persevere. Often, clients will inquire as to what motivates me to continue in this profession after 30 years and I, without hesitation, answer that they are the inspiration and…

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The benefits of training with anchors

Training with anchors refers to any fitness tool that will allow you to anchor it to a stable support and push and pull that tool. Examples are various types of resistive tubing, battling ropes, TRX Suspension Systems, Pull Up/Push Up Pro and RIP Trainers. The type of anchor you will require will depend upon how…

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A Terrific Balance Matrix

Whether you possess an excellent ability to balance your body or you are at the other end of the spectrum and have difficulty consistently balancing throughout your daily round, you may benefit from this week’s terrific balance matrix. Think of a matrix as a specific progression of skills to master, and in this case, leading…

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The importance of power training throughout life

Power training (i.e. simply defined as a combination of strength and speed), should be an integral part of most exercise programs and this applies to youth through our advanced older years. If you have ever been a serious cyclist or triathlete, you may be familiar with Joe Friel, who is one of America’s leading endurance…

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Getting back into the fitness swing

So, you had a wonderful active summer and now that summer is behind us, you have lost traction on your fitness level and are not back into the fitness swing with your regular exercise program. To avoid this happening again next year, perform your regular exercise program throughout the year, even if you taper off…

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