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Archive for December 2015

Dumbbell don’ts

Dumbbells, along with other external resistance equipment, fulfill an important role in fitness. We utilize dumbbells for a variety of exercises and training modalities to increase our muscular strength and endurance throughout the body. However, there are times when dumbbells are not appropriate either for safety or effectiveness (or both) reasons and this week, those…

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Make 2016 the Year of the Fitness event

You do not need to be an elite athlete to compete in recreational fitness events. While certain events are geared more toward those individuals with an elevated fitness level, there are hundreds of events nationwide annually that are designed to encourage and welcome those individuals with an average level of fitness to participate. It is…

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Six fitness equipment trends for 2016

Every year, we in the fitness industry, review the year closing out and discuss, research and discover, what the fitness equipment trends may be for the coming year. This simplifies matters for us moving forward and for our clients as well. This week, six of these trends will be featured. Check these trends out to…

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