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Archive for March 2016

What muscular strength training can do

Almost daily clients will ask me if they regularly perform muscular strength training programs will the loose skin or “flab” tighten up and highlight muscular definition at the specific muscle site. Of course, the answer is no. It is physiologically not possible for skin, fat or “flab” to be converted to muscle. Fat is fat…

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Exercise technique cues – an explanation

If you are a regular participant in well-designed large or small group exercise programs or employ a personal trainer/coach, then you are somewhat familiar with exercise technique cues that we, as fitness professionals, utilize with our clients to encourage optimal, safe and effective exercise performance. However, it may be a bit challenging to decipher these…

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Fitness plateau busters

It happens to all of us eventually, we are training hard, consistently, effectively and experiencing excellent results and benefits due to this diligent training regimen. We feel great and continue performing our program weekly; however, we begin to notice that our progress has either slowed down or we have begun to reach the dreaded “fitness…

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Fitness as a value proposition

What is a value proposition? While there are various definitions, the one that fits this discussion is “a promise of a “value” to be delivered”. In a nutshell, it is why we buy. When applied to fitness, the question to you is whether fitness is a value proposition. Does it provide enough value to you…

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