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Archive for April 2016

Youth strength and conditioning

By the time our children are in elementary school, it is appropriate to begin considering teaching them, from this early age, how to properly lift, run, sprint and how to safely and effectively utilize exercise equipment. Now that does not mean that we necessarily encourage those under the age of 13 years to be “lifting”…

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Group exercise class etiquette guidelines

Group exercise class programs, regardless of setting, usually apply accepted etiquette guidelines to permit the classes to flow safely, effectively and to be thoroughly enjoyable. The etiquette guidelines allow the instructor/trainer to conduct the classes in an organized fashion so that each and every participant receives an excellent workout. When a client is new to…

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Move your hips

When coaching clients to perform exercises, such as a wood chop, it is often challenging for them to understand that the hips must internally/externally rotate in order to functionally and effectively perform this exercise. We often refer to actions such as swinging a golf club, baseball bat, tennis racquet, an axe, throwing a shot put,…

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Finding your dream workout

What is your dream workout? Dream workouts should meet and exceed your realistic health/fitness goals and objectives. You should be able to wake up one morning and be satisfied with how you feel, look and perform due in large part, to your regularly performed dream workouts. A dream workout should be specific to your needs,…

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