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Archive for May 2016

Five important group exercise safety tips

Last week five fitness floor safety tips were highlighted and this week, we will discuss five group exercise safety tips which differ from those on the fitness floor due to the group-nature of the environment. The concept is still the same for all trainers/coaches/instructors, “first do no harm”; however, group exercise settings require a few…

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Five important fitness floor safety tips

There are dozens of safety elements to take into consideration when working out on a fitness floor. However, there are few tips that, regardless of where you are performing your workout, you may want to make a habit of practicing. This is not about the etiquette on the floor, as we have covered that topic…

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Three ring circus exercises

I am a huge proponent of multiple muscled exercises, compound exercises and generally all functional-type training which requires the body to move as it does in daily life and sports. What should generally be avoided however, is when the exercise resembles a “three-ring circus” performer’s routine more than a functionally sound, well-designed exercise that concentrates…

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