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Archive for July 2016

Interval training protocols

Last week we discussed the circuit training protocols and this week, the protocols of interval training will be highlighted. As mentioned, you may utilize interval training within a circuit training format. However, interval training drills may be integrated into many different training formats including outdoor cycling, indoor group cycling, Olympic/power lifting, swimming, track/field and every…

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Circuit training protocols

While it is certainly true that there are dozens of circuit training formats, there are a few general protocols that may ensure the safest and most effective training outcomes. Circuit training simply defined is training stations set up in a “circle” to enable the participant to follow the “circle” pattern efficiently (i.e. station one is…

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Ten pathways to healthy summertime eating

There are so many enticing foods to access during the summer months! Some we need to enjoy in moderation and others may be thoroughly enjoyed in larger quantities. While the same rule applies year round in terms of portion and quality control, during the summertime there are many foods available that are generally not available…

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Ten ways to be healthier this summer

With summer in full swing, and the Fourth of July behind us, it is time to settle in to a healthy summer. This includes healthy activities, nutritious dietary fundamentals and, of course, performing your regular workouts no matter how active you may be throughout the summer. This week, we will feature ten simple ways to…

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Get on the ball!

The stability ball is an excellent fitness tool that is versatile and inexpensive. There are literally hundreds of exercises that may be performed on the ball. Due to the unstable nature of the stability ball, it enables us to challenge the entire “nose to toes” core as well as to isolate specific aspects of the…

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