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Archive for January 2017

7 Signs of a Successful Workout

There are signs that a workout has been successful and not just that you are dripping in sweat! While sweating is a common response to rigorous workouts, everyone’s body produces waste products at a different rate and volume. With some clients, the sweat is flying the entire workout, others experience a slower production of waste…

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Redesigning Your Body

Are you happy with your body? This is question that is almost always answered with a resounding “no” by our clientele. Then, we investigate, doing a little detective work, to see where the issues lie and formulate a redesign plan. Whether for pure function or aesthetics, and most likely a combination of the two, you…

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Intuitive Exercise

I am a huge proponent of tracking exercise program progress. Whether by heart rate monitors or other more interactive activity tracking devices, understanding your intensity level, caloric expenditure, exercise duration and frequency and how this applies to your exercise program, is a crucial element when discussing exercise maintenance and progress. However, when I am training…

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Fitness Hour of Power

If you are unable to workout in the early morning or evening, you may find it challenging to schedule your workouts consistently. However, consider another time of day that can be your fitness hour of power—over your lunch break. While you may not be able to manage an entire hour workout if you have to…

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Tips on Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness

As we enter 2017, you may be one of millions of Americans that have decided to integrate fitness into their lives which is one of the best life-changing decisions that you will ever make. And, as you begin this process, you should prepare to experience delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS). This, soreness is to…

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