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Archive for February 2017

Matters of the Heart

February is heart month. One month a year to concentrate on one of the most important organs in the body, seems appropriate. After all, the heart is the major pump located in our bodies and without a beating heart, life ceases to exist. Therefore, this week ten matters of the heart will be highlighted. These…

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Fitness Extra Credit

Just like we complete extra credit assignments when in school to boost our grade point average, your fitness level GPA may improve due to a little “extra credit (EC)” occasionally! While it is critical to consistently perform a well-designed exercise program, an extra fitness credit “assignment” may be just what you need to boost your…

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Seven Ways to Expand your Fitness Knowledge

As a fitness professional, I am dedicated to consistently possessing cutting edge fitness knowledge obtained through review of empirical research ensuring that our clientele are the beneficiaries of this valuable knowledge. However, since the internet has become so prevalent, the general public has access to a wealth of information, much of which may be inaccurate.…

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