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Archive for May 2017

Wear Your Heart Rate Monitor for Every Workout!

Whether you are working out in your health club or outdoors exerting, keep your heart rate monitor on to ensure that you are keeping track of your exercise performance data.  Every action you take matters and counts toward your health and fitness goals, specifically the caloric expenditure.  However, differentiate between your structured workouts and recreational,…

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Consider These Five Great Exercise Program Formats

While there are virtually dozens of excellent exercise program formats available, integrating the programs highlighted this week may add variety and challenge to your existing program keeping you on track and adhering to your macro exercise program. There is something for everyone within these five program formats, so diversify your program and consider adding a…

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Eight Tips for Increasing your Workout Intensity

Almost daily clients ask me how they may increase the intensity of their workouts and so, this week, eight tips for increasing your workout intensity will be featured. While not exhaustive, these eight tips are effective if applied properly, following the protocols closely. As always, prior to beginning any exercise program, please consult your physician.…

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Two Great Gliding Disc Exercises

There are literally dozens of small fitness tools that we utilize on a daily basis with our clientele to enhance their exercise program results. One of those tools are gliding discs which provide us with the ability to train in all three planes of motion and create diverse movement patterns which are not always possible…

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Seven Interesting Health and Fitness Facts

Throughout each year we spend a significant amount of time researching every aspect of fitness as fitness professionals. Therefore, this week, seven interesting health and fitness facts which are worth noting, will be highlighted. Whether every one of these facts may apply to you or not, there is bound to be one or two that…

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