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Archive for June 2017

Finding the Right Group Exercise Class Program for You

You have made the decision to pull the trigger and are ready to begin attending group exercise classes at your trusted fitness facility; however, with so many exercise class formats to choose from, it might seem a little daunting to determine which direction to head. However, by following these five guidelines, you may eliminate some…

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Summer Eating From A to Z

Enjoy all of the delicious summer foods by following the summer eating from A-Z guidelines this week! A – Make applesauce from scratch, chill it and then serve it with a healthy entrée—delicious! B- Blend your favorite veggies or fruits for a delicious, fresh, healthy shake! C- Crepes, when made on the light-side, may be…

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The Benefits of Pilates Reformer Training

If you have not had the opportunity to train on a Pilates Reformer (apparatus), it might be time to add this training tool and modality into your macro exercise program. Joseph Pilates designed the reformer originally in the latter part of World War I when working as an orderly in a hospital on the Isle…

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Training Your Posterior Chain

When considering the muscles of the posterior chain, keep in mind that this includes the entire posterior aspect of the body, not just the glutes and hamstrings. In fact, the posterior chain involves all of the muscles from the base of the skull to the heels of the feet. Why is it imperative to train…

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