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Archive for August 2017

One Excellent Stability Ball Core Exercise

The stability ball is a versatile fitness tool utilized for a wide variety of exercises. While not for every person, the majority of our clients are able to train on a stability ball whether it is for simple stretching/flexibility uses or at the opposite end of the spectrum for high intensity, challenging nose to toe…

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Just Because You Can

As fitness professionals, we spend our lives training, coaching, motivating, encouraging, and guiding our clientele toward consistently performing their training programs, ensuring they will achieve their stated goals. However, occasionally, we do encounter clients who are driven to compete and participate in events without applying the periodization principle (i.e. periodically, you must recover and take…

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The Art of Recovery

As fitness professionals, we spend the vast majority of our time encouraging our clientele to train as intensely as they are safely capable of, pushing their limitations and challenging their bodies to enable them to achieve their stated goals. However, one of the most important components of a training program is the recovery component. If…

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Utilizing Full Range of Motion

Observation is one of the most important skill sets that we must master as fitness professionals. Closely observing our client’s performance of their exercise program provides us with the information and feedback needed to safely guide, direct, coach and train our clients leading them to achieving their stated goals. While there are ten observational essentials…

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