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Archive for September 2017

Concentrate on Your Back

The posterior upper body is often neglected when compared to the amount of time spent by many clients on the anterior upper body. For example, it is not unusual for a client to come to us with anterior upper body muscles over-developed to the detriment of the posterior upper body muscles leading to serious imbalances…

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Stretching with a Strap

Performing flexibility training daily is an integral part of most of our client’s exercise programs. While the other components of physical fitness, such as cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance training should allow for recovery days between programs, stretching daily is definitely possible and recommended for most clients. Flexibility, is defined as range of motion…

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Hectic Summer Recovering Tips

Steady streams of guests, constant opportunities to hike, bike, fish, swim, kayak, sail, paddle board, boat and the list goes on, may lead to mental and physical fatigue by the close of the summer season. You literally feel burned out, although it sure was fun! As fall descends upon us, follow these ten tips allowing…

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Getting Ready for Ski Season

The snow is not flying yet, but that is what makes pre-ski season preparation programs ideal to integrate into your macro exercise program now! Every year we offer a 7-week ski preparation program preparing our clients for ski and snowboard season (really all winter sports) with excellent results. While training the entire body for ski/snowboard…

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Muscular Strength Training Intensity Modifications 101

There are times when we all require a modification to increase or decrease our intensity level. And, most exercises have numerous possible intensity modifications. Consequently, all fitness professionals should be well versed in the process of creating intensity modifications for each exercise, for each client. However, what do you do when you are not training…

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Tips for Enhancing Your Personal Training Sessions

There is a spectrum of personal training program designs which depend upon the goals and objectives of each individual client. And, even if you are training exclusively with your personal trainer for each training session, there will be times when you or your trainer may be unavailable for a training session together. A common reason…

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