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Archive for October 2017

Can Working Out Change Your Life for the Better?

The answer to that age-old question, “can working out change your life for the better”, is a resounding “YES”! Introducing exercise into your life is a game changer. Particularly if you have shied away from exercise your entire life, taking the necessary steps to integrate exercise into your life may change life as you have…

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What is Mind and Body Exercise?

While yoga and Pilates are often what conjures up the term “mind and body exercise”, the truth is that all exercise is mind and body oriented. Without a conscious connection between the mind and body when exercising, the effectiveness and perhaps the safety of the exercise program may be negatively impacted. We utilize a cue…

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The Secret Fitness Formula

The “secret” fitness formula really is no secret. Most individuals that observe healthier and fitter individuals than themselves, might like to think there is a secret. However, there is no magic to becoming fit. It is tough, hard work and those that put in the work, tend to achieve the results. And, while we learn…

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Making a Financial Investment in Your Fitness Level

There are few financial investments you will make during your lifetime that will substantially change your life in the same way a sound investment into your fitness level will yield. While economics are individual, there are virtually endless investment possibilities when investing in your fitness level which may address your specific needs both physically and…

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