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Archive for February 2018

Just Breathe

One of the questions most frequently asked by clients is how to properly breathe during exercise. Of course, all of our clients are trained to perform proper breathing techniques with each type of exercise they perform; however, it may become somewhat confusing, when on their own, as each type of exercise may require a different…

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Three Excellent Lunge Exercises

Lunges are excellent muscular strength training exercises for the lower body and nose to toes core. Check out the three lunge exercises featured this week adding these to your exercise arsenal. As always, prior to beginning any exercise please consult your physician. *The following lunge exercises are sequenced from the least to most challenging. Therefore,…

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Fun Fitness Bright Ideas

It goes without saying that being fit requires time, commitment and hard work. But, fitness can be fun too and this week several fun fitness bright ideas are presented to broaden your horizons so you may experience the results of your workouts while having fun. As always, prior to beginning any exercise program, please consult…

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