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Archive for June 2018

Youth Fitness

One of our primary focuses in the health and fitness industry is to keep our youth healthy and fit.  This begins on the home front setting healthy examples for our children by exercising regularly ourselves, eating a healthy diet and being active daily.  Hopefully, you have already integrated health and fitness into your lives for…

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How to Choose Efficient and Effective Exercise Programs

If you are like most of our clientele, who are extremely busy, you want to attend your personal training sessions, large group exercise program or small group exercise program, getting in for an efficient and effective workout and then on with your day.  Designing safe, efficient and effective exercise programs requires significant formal education in…

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Santa Fe Century and Half-Century

The Santa Fe Century and half-century cycling event took place Sunday, May 20th with all of our riders doing very well. In fact, Gretta was the first female finisher of the Medio Fondo (half-century) race!  Congratulations Gretta and to Catherine, CJ, Cat, Maggie, Sandi and Jean—we are so proud of you!

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Cool Down Basics

What is a “cool down”? Usually, a cool down segment is performed following the exertion segments of an exercise program. And, it literally means to cool the body temperature down following rigorous exercise which has elevated the heart rate and the body’s core temperature, for an extended period of time. Cool down segments may be…

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