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Archive for July 2018

Ten Daily Fitness Goals

Establishment of long term fitness goals is a fundamental aspect of fitness success.  However, daily fitness goals are also critical to set and achieve as these smaller, incremental micro steps may eventually lead to the long term macro results we seek.  Daily fitness goals include dozens of details that refine performance by enhancing focus and…

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Seeking Fitness Solutions for Physical Limitations

We all have physical limitations.  Obviously, some far more serious and challenging than others, but the reality is that every “body” has it limits.  And, this does not mean that we should not strive for fitness success, but simply to recognize our limitations and move forward. The spectrum of physical capabilities and limitations of our…

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Three Excellent Medicine Ball Exercises

Medicine balls have been around for decades.  These balls are weighted and come in a variety of weight increments, materials and diameters which enable us to utilize this fitness tool in dozens of exercises.  Medicine balls may be integrated into both muscular strength training and power work. This week, three excellent muscular strength exercises will…

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