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Archive for September 2018

Performance Primer

So, you walk into your group exercise class or personal training session and complete your workout adequately. Your body is responding, but it seems to be more slowly than you would expect and you begin to wonder why this is the case when you feel that further progress should have been made at this point.…

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Modify You Exercises and Enjoy Exercise Succecss

There is a significant difference between compensation and modification when applied to exercise performance. Compensation usually refers to “breaking form” during the execution of an exercise (i.e. momentum use, not achieving a full range of motion/line of pull, rocking/leaning the body, or not maintaining a neutral spine, etc.). Not only does this compensated movement potentially…

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Mountain Climbers Three Ways

The mountain climber exercise is an excellent total body nose to core exercise. The entire body becomes involved in this exercise due to the body’s position in relationship to ground forces and it may be performed with, or without any equipment. However, this week three variations including one without equipment, will be highlighted. Add these…

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Fantastic Fall Fitness

We still have a bit of summer to enjoy, but it is definitely time to begin considering what you will do this fall to begin a fitness program or continue progressing within your current program. Fall is a fantastic time to set a template for year round fitness because we are able to get outside…

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