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Archive for October 2018

A Fabulous Ladder, Hula Hoop and Jump Rope Circuit

The agility ladder, hula hoop and jump rope are three excellent fitness tools which may be utilized together during the same exercise session to create variety, improve cardiovascular endurance, burn calories and challenge your agility, power and coordination. All three of these tools are inexpensive, portable and enable the user to perform countless different skills…

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The Hip Abduction

The hip abductor muscles are located in the lateral, upper aspect of the hip joint. There are three primary superficial hip abductor muscles (i.e. gluteus medius/gluteus minimus and the tensor fascia latae {TFL}). The medius and minimus are the major abductors of the hip when the femur is in neutral and only abduct the hip…

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Ten Fall Fitness Strategies

It is hard to believe that fall is here and that the holiday season and winter sport’s months are almost upon us. However, it is an ideal time to sit down and revamp your fitness plan for the rest of this year and into 2019. Therefore, apply the ten fall fitness strategies highlighted below to set…

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