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Archive for December 2018

Creative Exercise Program Design

Variety is the “spice” of exercise program design. Variation helps to prevent exercise burnout, boredom, lack of adherence/results and overuse injuries. So, if you know your exercise program as well as your trainer, then it may be time for a change! Keeping your programs fresh, cutting edge, progressive and interesting, takes a tremendous amount of…

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Organize your fitness lifestyle for 2019

Organization of your fitness lifestyle may lead to improved outcomes, particularly over the long-term. And, organization means more than just knowing which days and times you will dedicate to your exercise program. While that is an important aspect of organization because you must know when you will exercise in order to actually get it done…

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Exercise set up fundamentals ensure great results

Every well executed exercise requires a deliberate and proper set up of the body preparing it for the unique movement aspects of that specific exercise. Just as you prepare to drive your car by putting the key in the ignition, placing your foot on the brake before putting the car into gear, seat belt on,…

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Dashing through the Snow

As the snowflakes begin to accumulate, it is time to make your way out the door and enjoy this winter wonderland. There are so many options, including “dashing through the snow” on a sleigh, horse, snowmobile, skis, snowboard, ice skates (well, not technically snow, but you get the picture) and snowshoes, to enjoy this time…

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Fitness for the Holidays

Weight gain during the holiday season is well documented.  The average person will gain five to seven pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.  So, how about this year instead of gaining weight you consider maintaining or losing unnecessary weight instead?  Throughout the years, many of our clients not only maintain their weight during the holidays…

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