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Archive for January 2019

Proper movement pattern initiation

When concentrating on performing movement patterns properly understanding where the movement itself originates from is crucial so that you will know how to initiate the movement. Using the analogy of planning a road trip, the same way you would research your route and refer to maps creating a logical progression for the trip, apply that…

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How does your fitness ‘Plan B’ look?

You are on the fitness road, you have been attending your training sessions consistently and are feeling great—your plan “A” is definitely working for you. But, then a transition begins in your life, perhaps it is a change in job, marital status, you have a baby, sustain an injury or relocate and the plan “A”…

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10 steps to ageless fitness

Can we be fit at any age? Absolutely! Naturally, every age has limitations, genetic predispositions, strengths and weaknesses. Consequently, fitness programs must be appropriately designed to take all of those issues into consideration. That said, however, fitness is a relative concept, therefore, it may be applied to each individual regardless of age. This week ten…

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Ignite exercise program design

Rather than throwing out exercise basics, think about igniting that old favorite with exciting modifications that create the results but prevent the plateaus and boredom. Keep in mind, in fitness, we progress and regress. Progressions move us forward, prevent plateaus and continue to stress our bodies in positive ways. And, regressions occur when we have…

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