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Archive for May 2019

Exercise Modification Basics

Regardless of age, gender or fitness level, just about every one has some form of physical limitation that requires exercise modification.  And, modifying exercises to address specific physical limitations generally requires the expertise of a physical therapist or fitness professional.  However, there are some basic exercise modifications that just about anyone can implement which are featured below.  As…

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Cognitive, Associative and Autonomous – The Three Stages of Learning

When we learn, and in this case we are referring to learning movements such as in dance or related dance forms such as step aerobics and sports-oriented skills, we generally move through three different stages.  Obviously, how we learn as individuals (i.e. visually, auditory or kinesthetic) will impact our performance.  However, this is a discussion regarding the…

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Get Ready for Golf Season

The golf swing is a complex movement pattern which includes the set up or address, backswing, downswing, impact and follow-through.  Therefore, movement patterns which strengthen the specific muscles being addressed during each phase of the swing (i.e. gluteals/hip adductors/rectus abdominis/latissimus dorsi/obliques/quadriceps/pectorals/hamstrings/rotator cuff) and correct improper movement mechanics where possible, are absolutes for inclusion in your preparation…

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A Health and Fitness Journey—Bring a Friend Along

One of the most effective methods of achieving and adhering to a fitness lifestyle is to exercise with a friend or loved one—everyone benefits.  And, if you have already integrated health and fitness into your life, consistently, it might be time to introduce those benefits to your friends and loved ones. Below are ten great ideas…

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Hip Extension Extravaganza

Check out these great hip extension exercises which target the gluteus maximus and hamstrings as primary movers and the hip abductors/adductors as hip stabilizers all while requiring the inner core unit muscles to effectively engage throughout each exercise.   Begin with the foundational hip extension variation and, once you master it, advance to the more intense versions.  Perform…

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It’s Time for Summer Sports’ Preparation

Summer sports’ season is upon us and if you have not already begun to prepare, it is not too late to begin your preparation program.  Over the next several weeks, sport’s specific skills/drills for golf, outdoor cycling, water sports, hiking, tennis and baseball/softball/volleyball will be highlighted.  This week; however, summer sports’ preparation basics are featured…

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