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Archive for June 2019

Calendar at a Glance

June 8th – Pull-Up, Push-Up, Bench Press and Dead Lift Challenges Begin June 8th – 14-Day Wellness Challenge Begins June 8th – Photo Challenge Begins June 10th – “Bring a Friend to Workout Day” June 16th – Father’s Day June 21st – Submission of all Challenge Data June 22nd – MLF 5th Anniversary Open House…

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A Word from Jackie

As we begin the month of June, the first thoughts that come to our minds is that this is our 5th Anniversary month!  Yes, five years ago, we opened on June 23rd, 2014 after two years of searching for a location for the club, six months of build-out, six weeks of pre-opening membership sales and…

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What’s Your Wellness Worth?

Everyday I talk with people who want more wellness. They want to eat less sugar, get more sleep, drink less alcohol, lose some weight, or simply feel better. There are others who want less stress, to cope with anxiety, to increase their self-esteem, to feel happier, enjoy their job or be more spiritual. The National…

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A Clean Bike is a Happy Bike!

It is that time of year again and the bike trails and roads are calling people from across the country to explore. WELCOME BACK TO BIKE SEASON!!! While many of us are excited to get out and ride, what we do when we return home can cause the next experience to become more misery than…

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