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Cognitive, Associative, and Autonomous – The Three Stages of Learning

When we learn movement patterns such as in dance or related dance forms such as step aerobics and sports-oriented skills, we generally move through three specific stages. Obviously, how we learn as individuals (i.e. visually, auditory or kinesthetic) will impact our performance. However, this week three stages of learning—cognitive, associative and autonomous will be featured.…

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A Fabulous Ladder, Hula Hoop and Jump Rope Circuit

The agility ladder, hula hoop and jump rope are three excellent fitness tools which may be utilized together during the same exercise session to create variety, improve cardiovascular endurance, burn calories and challenge your agility, power and coordination. All three of these tools are inexpensive, portable and enable the user to perform countless different skills…

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Calendar at a Glance

July 13th – Youth Strength and Conditioning Camp continues July 18th – “Bring a Friend to Workout” Day! July 21st – Step Interval Workshop – 10:15-11:15AM – complimentary August 19th – Shining Stars “Spin-a-Thon” – 8:15 – Indoor Cycling Class and 9:15AM Indoor Cycling Class

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Social Media

Make the most of your membership here at Mountain Life Fitness by improving all five components of physical fitness and finding your passion for fitness. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and we can help you reach the next fitness level. Mountain Life Fitness offers a variety of tools through social media that may…

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Social Media – Joining The MLF Family

As many of you know, social media is a great tool to use to promote public awareness, share insights, and connect with people. However, did you know that it can also be utilized to create NEW relationships with people with similar interests, view informational material, and communicate in a quick and efficient way? As a…

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