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Essential Oils for Allergies

Tis the season for runny noses, itchy throat and red, watery eyes.  The only comfort this season gives me is it means summertime is right around the corner.  Sometimes only to be filled with more of these symptoms during our famous pollen season.

Put away the chemical based allergy medicines and try it the natural way!!

You may not see IMMEDIATE results.  Frequency and consistency are key when you are using Oils.

DIY Essential Oil Blend for Seasonal Allergies:

  • Lavender essential oil
  • Lemon essential oil
  • Peppermint essential oil
  • Frankincense (optional but is great if you have it!) essential oil
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil (any other natural carrier oil will work)
  • Roller ball (you can purchase these from the front desk at MLF)

Add 10 drops each of lavender, lemon, peppermint and frankincense oils.  If you are making this for a small child (under the age of 5), use just 1-2 drops of each oil.

Top off with the fractionated coconut oil and put the roller bottle cap on firmly.  Roll your bottle back and forth in your hands to mix it up before each use.

Everyone reacts differently to the strength of essential oils. If you are not seeing desired results, it is perfectly fine to increase your drops.

How to Apply:

Roll this mixture on your spine, back of the neck, across your toes and on the soles of the feet.  For adults or older children, you may also roll this on the temples and forehead as well.  Just be careful not to get it to close to your eyes.  Roll this on every 2-4 hours as needed.  Frequency and consistency is key!!!

You can also use this same blend in your diffuser.  That way you are getting a constant burst of it throughout the day and night!

DoTERRA also carries a soft gel.  It contains lavender, lemon and peppermint and you can take them internally.  Just like the oils, frequency and consistency is really important.  You can order these at the MLF desk.

Why this combination?

Lavender:  Has properties that can work as a natural antihistamine.

Lemon:  May help relieve congestion or mucus build-up.

Peppermint:  May help relieve congestion with its expectorant properties.

If you would like us to make a roller ball for you, please let us know.  They are $15.00 each.

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