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A Basic massage here at Mountain Life Fitness is quite luxurious!  On the table you will experience over 20 soothing rocks applied to your muscles and 9 essential oils “rain-dropped” along key spots of your back, neck and feet.   Each alone is enough, as well as the essential human touch of a therapists hands, however I love the experience enhancing qualities of the stones and oils to make your hour that much more special.

Stones provide a relaxing and soothing effect to your muscles with their warmth and smoothness.   The flat stones are made of volcanic rock (basalt) which retain heat safely.  These stones are placed in hot water to warm before being applied.  They are then placed along the back as well as held by the therapist, allowing deeper work into the muscles. 

The goal of the essential oils is therapeutic– to stimulate the muscles at a cellular level, boost the immune system, encourage body alignment, and release toxins.  These are the same intentions as massage and hot stones, yet the oils add an unmatched intensity.  The transcending scents offer a pleasant atmosphere to relax and invite healing.  

There are some contraindications to Hot Stone Massage and essential oils as well as to any type of massage. This is why it is necessary to be open about any health issues in addition to specific aches, pains, and daily stressors of one’s life. If the pressure is too hard or too soft, the stones too hot, the music not for you, then I want to know.   My intention is to give a great massage and I am very appreciative, never insulted, when clients let me know if there is something I can do to make it better.

A massage is so much more than a rub down, perhaps much like a work-out is so much more than just exercise.   There is a genuine atmosphere of peaceful intent between client and therapist.  It has been an honor to work on clients who pursue their best life.  Come enjoy the luxuriously therapeutic 1-hour   rejuvenative that everyone deserves.

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