The tattoo

The tattooing process is simple. There is a needle with ink that pierces skin between 50 and 3 thousand times per minute! The needle will penetrate the first and second layer of the skin called epidermis and dermis. The same needle leaves the ink within the dermis. If the needle falls short of reaching the dermis and only stays in the epidermis area, the ink may fall off and it will be easily erased. This is why tattoos are painful to get, and there is usually some bleeding involved.


A tattoo is a personal and permanent work of art and it is also an open wound. Needless to say aftercare is extremely important. Everybody has their own unique skin properties and immune systems, so no two people are ever going to heal in exactly the same way as each other, but most commonly, your tattoo should look healed within 2-3 weeks, The skin below the surface, however, generally takes longer to heal, taking up to 2-4 months to completely healed.

Aftercare tips may vary, but it always has 3 essential elements:  Keep clean, moisturized and away from the direct sunlight. In my tattoo shop I recommend AQUAPHOR ointment 2 to 3 times a day for 2 weeks and 1 a day until completely healed. Sunscreen is recommended even after your tattoo is healed. It will keep your tattoo brighter and your skin healthier.

Work out after getting a tattoo?

As a local tattoo artist (owner of MB ink) one of the most common question I receive from my clients is “Can I work out after getting a tattoo? Can I play basketball after a new tattoo? Can I go swimming? You might be wondering how to stay fit while your tattoo heals, and I don’t blame you! Healthy living is very important! One of the biggest risks you face when working out after a fresh tattoo is an infection from bacteria from equipment or other gym member sweat; but also lifting weights poses the risk of opening the wound as you are stretching and flexing. Similarly, running after a tattoo is a hazard if you find yourself rubbing, scraping, or stretching during the activity. Swimming or Hot tubs is the most dangerous thing you can do after you get a new tattoo as you want to stay away from any chemicals until your tattoo is completely healed.

To sum up you can work out after a new tattoo, but be smart about it, pay attention to your body and your brand new ink. Modify your workout routine if you need to and enjoy your new tattoo!

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