Personal Training Program

Our personal training program at Mountain Life is staffed by true fitness professionals with industry recognized certifications, including university degrees in health/fitness programs and significant levels of personal training and coaching experience. Each member scheduling a personal training session will receive a goals/objectives consultation with their trainer to establish specific health and fitness goals and objectives, followed by a thorough fitness assessment to identify limitations, imbalances and set a fitness baseline.

The trainer will utilize the consultation information to design a personal exercise program followed by a demonstration session with the member to reinforce all aspects of the program and to work through any elements which may need to be modified. The outcome is a comprehensive personalized program for each member.

All members would benefit from our personal training program regardless of fitness or skill level. Professional supervision, program design and both the long-term and short-term approach concentrating upon results, is our primary goal for each and every member.

All one-on-one sessions with a personal trainer are one hour in length and priced as follows:

  • One session - $70
  • Eight sessions - $520 ($65 each)
  • Twelve sessions - $720 ($60 each)

We also have group packages available.

Talk with one of our reception desk staff members to set up your personal training session today.

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