Small Group Training (SGT) Class Descriptions

Pilates Apparatus (limited to 2-4 participants) – This is a 60-minute class which features the Pilates Reformer and mat Pilates. The participants will spend half their time on the reformer and half on the mat. A perfect complement to any class format or program.

High Intensity Interval Training - HIIT – This is a 60-minute all high intensity interval training class which will be performed on the fitness floor. We will be utilizing every inch of the fitness floor and you will leave with sweat dripping off that body!

Fitness Floor Circuit - FFC – This is a 60-minute fitness floor circuit which concentrates exclusively on muscular strength training. Whether you are a seasoned weight lifter or someone who desires a stronger more defined body, you will benefit from this workout as we focus upon form, technique, power/Olympic lifting and building the muscle mass you desire.

Outdoor Boot Camp - OBC – This is a 60-minute outdoor boot camp utilizing the land that Mountain Life Fitness lives on and we will be squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling, running, jumping over the river and through the woods! Okay, well maybe just around the facility, but we will use the outdoor obstacles to challenge our entire body (seasonal).

Running Clinic – RC – This is a session-based clinic style SGT program. The skills and drills that will make you a better runner will be featured in this clinic with expert running coaches there to take you through the paces. This is a seasonal program and this concept may also be featured for cycling, skiing, snowboarding, tennis, etc., type preparation training throughout the year.

TRX Suspension System – This is a 60-minute class completely centered around utilization of the TRX Suspension System. Experience the benefits of body leverage training on the TRX Suspension System such as core strength and stability, total body muscular strengthening, challenging skills which cannot be performed on traditional strength training equipment.

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