Mind and Body—Inextricably Linked

mind and body, this is "you" time

Not a day goes by that the phrase, ‘the mind and body are inextricably linked” is not conveyed to our clientele.  Regardless of what the class format may be, the skill level of the client, the goals/objectives of the client or the type of personal training program that has been designed, there is always a…

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Alternating Squats – Three Great Variations

Squat progressions

Squats have been an integral part of exercise programs for decades.  There are dozens of variations on the “squatting” theme.  However, performing alternating squats challenges the body differently than traditional bilateral squats.  Consequently, this week, we will feature three great progressions of alternating squats. Progressions utilizing external resistance such as dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, sandbags…

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Three Lower Body Exercise Standards

Three Lower Body Exercise Standards Article

While not an exhaustive list by any means, the following three lower body exercises are solid standards to include in almost all exercise programs. And, due to the fact that all three are performed standing, there is significant inclusion of the nose to toes core as well as the lower body musculature. These exercises should…

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Keep Your Head Up!

Proper posture

One of the most common technical cues that we as trainers convey to our clients is for them to “keep their head up,” to ensure that the cervical spine is in neutral during the vast majority of exercises, skills and drills we perform.  A good analogy is to consider the head/neck/shoulders as the “roof” on…

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Mountain Life Fitness proudly presents Our “Mountain Row” Small Group Training Program

Mountain Row water rowing program small group training with Dani

Under the expert instruction of Dani, one of our amazing certified personal trainers/coaches, this small group training (SGT) program is a smart workout performed on the water rower—negligible impact and form-centric to reduce the risk of injury while performing high-intensity interval training (HIIT), alternating bursts of extreme activity with recovery intervals which concentrate on increasing…

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Workout for the Road

Workout for the road

While travel logistics are still a bit challenging, the remainder of summer is an ideal time for travel. Seeing the sights, visiting family/friends, and enjoying some well-deserved time off to de-stress, reconnect with loved ones and experience the beauty of the earth is a wonderful way to spend a few days or weeks during the…

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Wood Chop with the RIP Trainer

The low-to-high wood chop performed with the RIP Trainer is an excellent total body, compound exercise.  Every inch of your nose to toes core is addressed and it is an amazing addition to training for any sport which requires a bat, stick, club or racquet.  Perform 1-3 sets of 8-12 repetitions of this exercise, two…

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Three Great Ankle Cuff Resistive Tubing Exercises

Ankle cuff tubing is designed with a velcro cuff for each ankle and resistive tubing between the two ankle cuffs.  It provides light to heavy resistance, depending upon the gauge thickness and the length of the tubing fantastic for strengthening the lower body—a great addition to your fitness toolbox. Therefore, add the following three great…

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Fundamental Bridge Progressions

Bridges are excellent nose to toes core exercises and, in general, should be an integral part of any comprehensive exercise program. This week, consider including the fundamental bridge progressions highlighted into your regular, consistently performed exercise program (i.e., there are literally dozens of variations, so stay tuned for other progressions in the coming weeks).  As…

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What is a Boot Camp Format?

Boot camp large group and small group training programs are commonplace, particularly within gym and health club settings.  However, these formats vary widely.  Therefore, the challenge for the consumer is understanding exactly what the specific boot camp format includes that they are interested in pursuing and whether it will fit their specific needs. While the…

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