7 Signs of a Successful Workout

There are signs that a workout has been successful
and not just that you are dripping in sweat! While sweating is a common response to rigorous workouts, everyone’s body produces waste products at a different rate and volume. With some clients, the sweat is flying the entire workout, others experience a slower production of waste products and some barely sweat at all. So, we do not gauge a successful workout in the broader sense, based upon sweat production.

There are many factors that impact whether or not you experience a successful workout and this week seven of those will be explored. In this context, we are addressing a specific, single workout and not the entire program or long-term results. This is just using one workout as a great example of success upon which you may be able to build an entire program of success for the long haul. As always, prior to beginning any exercise program, please consult your physician.

Sign #1
You feel tired but good. Tired from the perspective that you are finished with the workout and do not feel that you could workout any longer at this time. The more intense the workout, the longer it will take to recover. Therefore, if you performed a HIIT program, your metabolism may remain elevated for 24-48 hours versus a lower intensity program wherein your metabolism may only remain elevated for one to two hours. Either way, elevated metabolism is one of the most important aspects of successful workouts.

Sign #2
The mind feels de-stressed. The calming effect of a great workout allows you to manage your stressors and anxieties more effectively throughout the rest of the day post-workout. When you perform a successful workout, you feel that you have some control over your life. We know that the only aspect of life we may truly control is our own behavior and when we workout successfully, that is an excellent example of controlling our own behavior.

Sign #3
The body feels energized as you recover from the exertion, perhaps one to two hours following the workout. If you continue to feel tired, then there may be other factors that need attention. For example, perhaps you pushed too hard, are becoming ill, did not sleep the night before, failed to hydrate or input fuel adequately. If you experience these symptoms, then note that this may sabotage your workout success. Therefore, make the necessary adjustments so that you feel energized.

Sign #4
You are excited to workout again tomorrow. This is a sure sign of successful workouts. You want to return and to do it again experiencing the exhilaration of workout success.

Sign #5
When your workout is over, you are sharing this positive experience with the world around you. When you feel good, successful, you want to share those feelings with everyone you know and love.

Sign #6
The body feels lengthened, strengthened and mobile. You feel more like moving than sitting.

Sign #7
The rest of the day, you are productive. Whether that means you prepare yourself a wonderful dinner if you worked out in the evening, or you grabbed a quick protein shake and made your way to work ready to tackle the day, successful workouts encourage productivity.

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