A true fitness inspiration

Every single day my clients inspire me. They come from every walk of life and through every obstacle imaginable and still walk through the door and persevere.

Often, clients will inquire as to what motivates me to continue in this profession after 30 years and I, without hesitation, answer that they are the inspiration and subsequently, the motivation.

While there are many challenges as a fitness professional, one important aspect of this profession remains constant — that people are amazing. Their kindness, generosity and support of others, not just their friends and family, but the community at large, is a huge inspiration to me and most of those in my profession.

This inspiration is what fuels our ability, as fitness professionals, to inspire others toward the path of lifetime fitness. This week, I thought I would share inspiring fitness stories with you in hopes that these stories will inspire you or encourage you to inspire others to achieve true fitness success in life. And, after reading these inspiring stories, if you have one you would like to share, please pass it on to me!

Several years ago a prospective client consulted with me after they were recovering from a life-altering traumatic injury. We discussed their current symptoms, their prognosis and plotted a course to very slowly begin their path back to fitness (all with their physician’s approval). This individual was discouraged and afraid that they may never feel well enough again to pursue all they had left to do in their lives but they were willing to take on this challenge and that was the key to their successes.

There have been good days and challenging days along the way, frustrations and regressions; however, step by step they have progressed to a solid fitness level and have returned to enjoying many of the activities that seemed impossible several years ago.

First, this client was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, then while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, had to have additional surgery due to complications from the surgery required by the cancer progression. The long, slow battle to beat cancer and then recover from the unexpected surgery led them back to a consultation with me.

They were extremely weak, had lost considerable muscle mass and dropped significant body weight as a result and had some pretty formidable restrictions regarding exercise. So, we began with a very simple and low-intensity exercise and nutrition program design, paying attention to how their nutritional components were working and to how they felt throughout and following each session. Thankfully, today they are cancer free, have recovered from surgery and are currently performing their second exercise program progression with success.

While life does take a toll at times, there are hundreds of inspiring stories that clients have shared with me through the years that demonstrate how strong we are as human beings. And, how important creating an authentic fitness lifestyle is to staying inspired, particularly when significant chronic or acute trauma have occurred. Everyone has a story. No matter what your story may be, you can find a fitness program to inspire you toward a lifetime of physical fitness — never give up the search.

As always, prior to beginning any exercise program, please consult your physician.

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