A Word from Jackie

Happy 4th Birthday Mountain Life Fitness!

It is with sincere gratitude that we thank each and every one of you for your support and patronage over these past four years. We opened our doors on June 23rd, 2014 after we purchased this warehouse, which was just a shell with no infrastructure in December of 2013, spent the next five months building out the club with Scott Munn providing his expert architecture designs and Big Valley Construction performing an outstanding job on the build-out.

Throughout the past four years, our membership has steadily grown due to the support and loyalty of this wonderful Grand County community, and the collective commitment to excellence, diligence, persistence and hard work by ourselves and our amazing staff. We are so excited to have built this business and we want to celebrate these successes by designating June 2018 our “Happy Birthday MLF” month!

During the celebration month we will offer a Pushup/Pullup/Bench Press Challenge for all who wish to participate. The Bench Press Challenge will be held on Wednesday, June 6th beginning at 5:30PM and will be a one repetition maximum, two attempts with both a male and female winner chosen by our in-house monitor. We will need spotters for this event and encourage those of you wishing to participate in the challenge, to begin training for this event today!

The Pushup/Pullup Challenge will be based on the honor system throughout the month of June with winners chosen at the end of the month based upon the number of repetitions of each that are performed. Both the bench press challenge and the pushup/pullup challenges will be assessed by specific performance parameters according to our expert trainers. Great prizes await those who decide to challenge themselves!

Additionally, we will be presenting several workshops throughout the month as well as a few “pop-up” classes to keep our energy levels at peak! In general news, we will be hosting the Shining Stars Spin-a-Thon this year for the fourth year supporting this amazing local charity on Saturday, October 20th and we hope to raise record funds during this event with a silent auction and donations.

Our Small Group Training (SGT) Program has been quite successful and we still have room to grow, so set up a time with me for an initial consultation on the Pilates Reformer and take advantage of our state-of-the-art equipment and expert coaching to literally change your body. This year our personal training program has experienced amazing growth and we encourage you to utilize this service to improve your fitness level, prepare for specific events and “rethink the way you train and retrain the way you think”!

As we move into the future, we are planning to add a mirror upstairs for those of you that would like to perfect your technique and form with your Olympic lifts on the lifting platform, a ballet barre which we will be utilizing for the SGT Barre program coming in September as well as continued post-rehabilitative programming working closely with Grand County Physical Therapists and physicians, a possible cardiac rehabilitation program, running clinics, outdoor boot camps and more! We are excited to continue building this business, for you our valued members and the entire Grand County Community. Thank you again for the honor to serve you and have a fantastic summer!


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