A Word From Jackie

We have had an incredible summer and fall season at Mountain Life Fitness!  So many amazing events have taken place such as our fundraiser for Shining Stars Foundation recently, programs such as our Ski Preparation Program which is just about to be completed, the launching of our Barre Works Program and much more!  Thank you for your patronage and support which has led to the building of an amazing business and community here at MLF!

Recently, we installed the “Benchmark Board” on the fitness floor wall.  There is a clipboard available for you to record your statistics such as load, sets, and repetitions and if you are tracking your cardiovascular performance you may track your distance and speed.  Once you place your data on the clipboard, then we will record it on the Benchmark Board.  As we regularly state, if you can track it, you can train it!  Whether competing with your friends or just with yourself, join us in tracking your progress and fitness success!

On November 12th, our 4th annual “Move It and Lose It Challenge” began which is a four-week challenge to set you up for fitness success throughout the remainder of this year and ready to hit the ground running in 2019.  These annual challenges are hugely successful which is why each year so many of you participate.

On December 9th we will be participating in the first annual Wellness Fair at the Rec Center, from 10AM-2PM.  We will have a booth at the fair and encourage you to join us at the fair as over 100 vendors in the health/fitness/wellness business will be present sharing a wealth of pertinent information with our wonderful community.

As 2018 draws to a close, our thoughts turn to 2019 and what the New Year holds for you and for Mountain Life Fitness.  Our plans include continuing to grow the business, expand our services and offerings such as beginning youth strengthening and conditioning programs, implementing running clinics and programs, our fifth annual Winter Training Program for cyclists which begins in April 2019, building our small group, personal training and massage therapy programs and launching a wellness coaching program.  We will also continue our workshop series that we offer annually with several different health/fitness workshops that expand your knowledge and enhance your health/fitness experiences.  This year we presented muscular strength, TRX, resistive tubing, stability ball, Heavy Weight Lifting, Pilates Reformer, step and boxing workshops and we will continue with our quest to provide you with cutting edge health/fitness research and programs.

Within this newsletter you will find a plethora of information on fitness, health and nutrition.  Also, the Calendar at a Glance is included so you are aware of the important dates during the remainder of this year and into the beginning of the next year.  Thank you again for your patronage and support.  You are truly all such a blessing to us at Mountain Life Fitness and to our greater community.  Have a wonderful holiday season and remember to come in for your holiday workouts here at MLF!



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