A Word from Jackie

As we begin the month of June, the first thoughts that come to our minds is that this is our 5th Anniversary month!  Yes, five years ago, we opened on June 23rd, 2014 after two years of searching for a location for the club, six months of build-out, six weeks of pre-opening membership sales and then moving into the facility preparing to open!  What an undertaking but worth every cent of investment, sweat equity and time!

While our amazing MLF staff is the heart and soul of this club, you are the community that fuels this business.  We feel incredibly blessed to be able to offer this wonderful environment for you to pursue your health and fitness goals and to spend time working out with your families, friends and co-workers right here under one roof!  Thank you for your continued support and patronage as we continue to grow and move into the future—it is a bright and exciting one ahead!

Speaking of our 5th Anniversary, the entire month of June will feature many fun challenges, events and opportunities to enjoy our celebration of health and fitness!  There is something for everyone — details below:

-Male and Female winners from each of the physical challenges will be chosen:

-2 Week Dead Lift MLF Challenge – perform maximum number of deadlifts in one minute, three attempts and submit your score by 6/21/19 – winner will receive a royal blue MLF gym bag

-2 Week Pull-Up MLF Challenge – perform maximum number of pull-ups in one minute, three attempts and submit your score by 6/21/19 – winner will receive a royal blue MLF gym bag

-2 Week Push-Up MLF Challenge – perform maximum number of pushups in one minute, three attempts and submit your score by 6/21/19 – winner will receive a royal blue MLF gym bag

-2 Week Bench Press MLF Challenge – perform maximum one repetition load on the bench press, three attempts and submit your score by 6/21/19 – winner will receive a royal blue gym bag

-Wellness Challenge – by tracking your water intake, sleep, workouts and alcohol reduction you may be eligible to win a YETI mug, POINT6 socks, ALPINE LUMBER T-Shirt, TWO PINES SUPPLY 20% discount cared and sticker – score sheet will be available at the reception desk – submit data by 6/21/19

-Photo Challenge – take a fitness-oriented selfie, post on Facebook, tag MLF and the two photos with the most “likes” will win an MLF gym bag – submit photos by 6/21/19

And, if that is not enough to get the adrenaline pumping, we have our

MLF 5th Anniversary Open House on Saturday, June, 22, 2019 from 10:15AM-1PM! 

This event will include the Healthy Dish Contest—bring a healthy dish to the open house and the winner will receive a $50.00 gift certificate to Dean Public House!

You will also have an opportunity to meet our certified personal trainers, enjoy a fitness scavenger hunt (winner will receive a hiking guide) and all clues will lead to performance of physical skills and drills and many raffle give-a-ways such solar lanterns, ski tune-ups, gym bags, and more! *The Open House is open to the general public—so, bring a friend along to enjoy the fun!

During the past six months, we have been adding new staff to our MLF family and now have a wonderful team which includes Randi (she has been with us for 5 years!), Lynda, Mari, Carin, Jordan and Leo.  We also have Gretta and Mackenzie teaching and training as well as Suzi (has also been here for 5 years!) and Michelle! 

We have also been working diligently to improve our physical plant and will continue to do so throughout the year.  This will include the addition of a new piece of equipment, occasionally, and I will keep you posted on the purchases as those occur.

Our large group exercise program continues to grow and change and our small group training program, with the inclusion of Barre Works last year, continuing this coming fall and including our Pilates Reformer Program, also continues to build.  We are also building a small scaling wall and rope station that should be coming soon.  We have clients who are preparing for Spartan events and this was the impetus for these additions.

There is nothing static in the fitness industry.  At MLF, we are a dynamic business that is committed to staying on top of all of the current, scientifically vetted health and fitness trends/research, promoting safe, effective, fun and cutting-edge fitness programs and equipment.

We will also continue to offer top-notch workshops and seminars throughout the year as we have done throughout the past five years.  This provides you with access to quality health and fitness information, programs and opportunities.

Make sure, over this next several months to continue taking full advantage of all that we offer every day, 92-96 hours/week, throughout the year.  If there is any way that we may pave the way to enhance your fitness journey, please know we are here for you.

Thank you again for all of your love, caring and commitment to an excellent health and fitness lifestyle and have a fantastic summer!



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