A Word From Jackie

This year has been phenomenal here at Mountain Life Fitness thanks to each and every one of you! Thank you for your patronage and support! As we enter 2018, we are reflecting back at all of the events, projects (such as building out the upstairs studio), installing our heavy weight lifting platform, which many of you are putting to good use and, development of our Small Group Training Pilates Apparatus Program, and feeling grateful for the opportunity to create and build this successful fitness business. Again, thank you!

Now, let’s chat about all that lies ahead for 2018! We are really excited to expand our programming to include a seasonal indoor group cycling class at 7AM on Wednesdays. This will be a “Short Cycle” format of pure cycling for 30 minutes and will follow the 6AM Cycle/Abs class format and precede the 8AM Cycle/Circuit. Gretta, one of our newest certified personal training instructors, has completed her American Council on Exercise Personal Training Certification and has been training with me in our mentor/apprentice instructor program since the beginning of this year, will be teaching/coaching the Short Cycle. This format will be offered beginning January 10th through April 25th, 2018. So, keep it on your radar screen. Some of you may attend the 6AM and decide to stay for the 7AM or some of you may come in early and take the 7AM and then remain for the 8AM class! Gretta will also be teaching the 9:15AM Cycle/Abs twice a month on Saturdays.

Kendra, our personal training director, will be coaching the “Olympic Lifting Program” in January. This will be a 4-week small group training program with a minimum of three participants and maximum of six which will meet beginning Tuesdays/Thursdays on January 23rd – February 13th, 2018. The cost of this program is $240.00/per person for the eight sessions over four weeks. And, the program goal is to train the participants to perform Olympic lifts safely and effectively. There are great dividends to experience from this program including, but not limited to, improved total body muscular strength, muscular power development, improved kinesthetic awareness, proper lifting form/technique as well as understanding the difference between true Olympic lifts and traditional general muscular strength training.

We will be offering our annual One-Time 30-Day Free Trial Membership Program beginning on Monday, January 15th, 2018. Therefore, if you know of a friend, family or co-worker that has been interested in joining MLF, but has been on the fence, this is the ideal time to encourage them to try us out for a full 30-days! During this time we will be featuring workshops weekly that address various fitness and nutrition topics, all of which are interactive, so you will learn by listening and doing enabling you to apply this knowledge throughout the year.

We are in the midst of our 4th Annual Move It and Lost It Challenge as I pen this message to you which has been a huge success thus far with 60+ folks taking part and getting ready to hit 2018 already on track! We will also be beginning our “Fitness Matters” program for older adults again on Tuesdays, January 16th, 2018 at 10:30AM which Suzi will be teaching. This is an on-going four-week session-based program available for $5.00 per class (i.e. $20/session) to all who attend and Silver Sneakers members as part of their membership. These fees will be paid up front for the entire four-week session and the sessions will be on-going with dates posted on our website at www.mtnlifefitness.com.

If you are a yoga enthusiast, consider a small group training (SGT) program for you and two of your closest friends or co-workers. These SGT programs are designed specifically for those that are participating and allow you to enjoy training with a small, intimate group! And, this type of programming is available for just about any format, so chat with us and we will make it happen!

We are still planning to develop a running program for members in 2018 along with member receptions here at the club encouraging the MLF community spirit! Please enjoy our newsletter which contains many interesting fitness topics that will enhance your health and fitness experiences.

Thank you again for your continue patronage and support—we feel very blessed to take care of each and every one of you! Happy Holidays!



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