Blast into 2018 with Ten Exciting Exercise Programs

Get excited! We are embarking on a fitness journey for 2018 and it may surprise you that much of what you are about to experience has been around for a long time. Tried and true programming that works and works for the long term. There is something for everyone in these tEN programs, every age, gender, fitness level and experience level. You may choose to try one, or perhaps several. In fact, maybe you should branch out during 2018 and see how much fun, incredible results, which meet and exceed your expectations, you can experience. As always, prior to beginning any exercise program, please consult your physician.

Program #1
Indoor Group Cycling – these programs are going strong all over the world and are an excellent foundation to any total exercise program. Relatively non-impact, no complex choreography to learn, a great way to get in your cardio, steady state/foundational aerobic work as well as high intensity interval training (i.e. HIIT) and, because you are on your own bike, it is conducive to working at your own level of intensity. *Tip: Choose programs that are structured, have logical goal-oriented formats and are taught by legitimate cycling trainers/coaches/instructors (i.e. our Cycle/Abs, Boot Camp and Cycle Circuit formats all include indoor group cycling).

Program #2
Weight Training Circuits – these programs often include both weight training (i.e. muscular strength training), and cardio stations for a complete workout. High intensity interval training is usually featured; however, each participant may work at their own level on each station. With a well-organized and instructed program, you may address all five components of physical fitness in one workout. *Tip: Ask if you can observe a class first so that you feel comfortable attending and chat with the trainer to solicit their guidance (i.e. our Weight Training Circuit and Short Circuit follow this format).

Program #3
Boot Camps – some are more military style; however, a boot camp format may be anything from a circuit/interval format as shown above, indoors, outdoors, or a fusion-type class which combines group indoor cycling, muscular strength training, abdominals/core conditioning, stretching and flexibility. *Tip: Check out the specific format prior to attending (i.e. our Boot Camp includes indoor group cycling and weight training circuits).

Program #4
Age/gender-specific – everything from moms working with their babies to programs performed from a chair for those more frail and fragile, there is a program out there for just about every age group and physical limitations (i.e. our Ageless Fitness and Fitness Matters programs). *Tip: Check with the program director/trainer to make certain the program is comprehensive. In general, you want all five physical fitness components to be addressed and a trainer that possesses specific experience and bona fide training working with that special population.

Program #5
Functional Strength – training every major muscle group of the body with the emphasis on function, stability, core, and form, these programs are an excellent addition to a total exercise program. Tons of fitness tools are usually featured, compound exercises which use the entire body, body weight exercises (i.e. pushups/squats/lunges) as well as isolation-type exercises, are combined for a fantastic muscular strength training program. *Tip: Make certain that the trainer is a pro at creating modifications so that every participant is able to work at their level (i.e. our Functional Strength classes follow this format).

Program #6
Sport-specific preparation – just as it sounds, these programs are specific to the activity or sport you wish to pursue. Usually offered several weeks prior to the season (i.e. October-November for ski prep), the formats are designed to prepare the body to safely and effectively perform the specific sport. *Tip: These programs can be quite intense, so choose one that features true progressive overload (i.e. our Ski Preparation Program just completed for 2017 and our Winter Training Program for Cyclists will begin in April 2018).

Program #7
Yoga/Pilates – there are many different yoga formats, so choose one that will concentrate on your goals, and there are mat as well as reformer Pilates formats. And, while highlighted here together, there are inherent differences between these two disciplines. *Tip: Ask to observe a class prior to participating and make certain that the trainer is a pro at creating modifications (i.e. we offer yoga several days per week as well as Mat Pilates and Pilates Apparatus Small Group Training Programs).

Program #8
Step – is still alive and well although quite different than when we began stepping in the 80’s. Interval step which features muscular strength training intervals with step aerobic intervals, power step, fusion where step and BOSU are featured in one program, etc. are still offered in many health clubs/studios. If well designed, these formats are amazing cardio workouts. *Tip: If you have never stepped before, choose a format that encompasses multiple skill levels and request a little one-on-one time with the trainer to familiarize you with the choreography (i.e. our Step Interval class format will kick your fitness level up a notch or two!).

Program #9
Kickboxing/boxing – yes, this is still around too and when well designed and instructed, it is really an incredible workout. There are many variations on this theme and kickboxing/boxing, due to the intensity, may be fused into other formats, such as step or combined with muscular strength training formats to create a comprehensive program. *Tip: Both of these may be intense, make certain to ease into it (i.e. our Boxing Plus class includes boxing/kickboxing and training on the TRX Suspension System).

Program #10
Olympic Weight Lifting – this type of program is usually offered in 4-8 week sessions and is paid for outside of membership. However, adding this type of programming to your macro program may be just the ticket to catapult you to the next level of fitness. *Tip: Discuss your specific needs and any limitations with the trainer to ensure you are a safe candidate for this type of training (i.e. we will be offering an Olympic Weight Lifting program in 2018).

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